Brexit in the Slow Lane

Donald Trump be damned, for once I agree with him.  On a personal level Brexit makes sense to me and here's why:

I'm an old lady who hits the cards every now and then, but I'm here to tell you the latest game I played should've been videoed for Youtube.  Viral for sure.  

Two tables of contract bridge require eight players, right?  Seven show, so that requires musical dummies between the tables.  Now, It's a hot day, and it's a fact old people feel rotten in the heat. it Makes 'em extra crabby.  (Actually, they don't like he cold either, but never mind.) Wouldn't you know the dummy always fell to the most arthritic of the bunch causing unavoidable delay of game as he/she hobbled to the other table.

Now add the deafness factor.  Most are pretty deaf and if the bid isn't shouted, they don't hear it.  More time wasted till somebody finally pokes the guilty party and by then the rest have forgotten the bid and we start over.  

The dealer, after finally picking up and looking at his cards asks, "Did I deal?" Happens all the time.  Same thing before the deal:  "Whose deal is it?"

Once bidding gets under way, it must be repeated and repeated,  until the contract is made.  Finally play gets underway and goes pretty well... most of the time.  Then the odd moment when the game is lost by stupid play.  Old men bray and whinny, old women cackle and gloat.  They are terrible winners!

Since I hardly ever get to cackle and gloat, I'm seriously considering a brexit, you know, a bridge-exit.  Nah, can't do it, love my cackling and gloating friends.

EAT YOUR HEART OUT DONALD, I'll never agree with you!      





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