What a week for my ego!  It's been confirmed by the New York Times that I AM THAT COOL!  They're not looking to syndicate the Slow Lane or making me a stringer or anything like that.  [Years ago they rejected my work in the harshest of terms.  Water over the dam.]  


My "coolness" is pretty much under wraps, but alive and well in the world of fashion.   It has to do with undies.  Seems young women have taken to "grannie panties" in lieu of the unhygenic thong.  Nasty, and what could be more uncomfortable than walking around with a permanent "wedgie?"


Grannie panties, soft, high-waisted cotton comfort.  Sales of grannies on the rise, thong sales going down. [No pun intended.] Some grannies have "Feminist" printed in bold letters on the backside.  Is the hooker look dying?


Though I am that cool, and a most loyal grannie pantie fan, I'll not be posting "belfies." You know, selfies taken from behind.



PS  A couple of summers ago, my friend remarked in the presence of a granddaughter, "I need to get some new thongs."   UPROAR!!  My friend, of course, was talking flipflops formerly known as thongs.



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