Is this irony or am I not only cool, but senile?  


[Wait a minute, folks.  I am senile.  The word means "old," not demented, just old.  Am I demented?   You can judge for yourself.]


Now where was I?  Oh yes.  The irony I'm talking is local TV news. The Red Cross (savers of lives, rescue teams, etc.) you know these folks.  And a casino (often a destroyer of lives leading to the need for resucue, etc) are joining forces to sponsor a program honoring local heros.  People making positive contributions to their communities.


Gambling is a choice, of course, and not all gambling is addictive.  But, come on, isn't it strange to link do-gooders with potential no-gooders in the  slow lane or anywhere else?   


Kinda like tobacco companies and their "Don't Smoke" (wink-wink) Programs.   WinkWink HOW IRONIC IS THAT?






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