The Russian Bare, High Heels, Debate

Headline:  Vladimir Putin, the Russian Bare, scores 6 or 8 goals (depending on your source) in a recent hockey game played against retired NHLeague members.  Apparently, it was a charity game or something, that got the players off their canes and walkers into the hockey rink.  Why would you risk Siberia in retirement years?


Headline:  Flat shoes banned at Cannes Film Festival.  Are you kidding me?  Come on people, men quit wearing high heels hundreds of years ago. In spite of Women's Lib fifty years ago, foot-fetish men still control women's feet?  Would Chinese women go back to lotus-blossom feet?  


Headline:  Recently, I sent a text.  It's true.  I stepped off the slow lane into the 21st Century.  Also I dared a polite comment online that resulted in rude, public questioning of my intelligence, sexuality, and morality.  I was pretty mad, all right.  But I didn't take "de bate."


Call me anti-social, out-moded, even an old bag, but I like tending to my own business.  Still, I admit to a certain cyber-voyeurism as I creep around social networks looking and saying nothing.



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