Should old men play with guns?

An old man in Tulsa, cut from George Zimmerman's mold, a deputy of some kind, draws his pistol and kills a fleeing black man.  A simple mistake.  You see, he was reaching for his taser.  This is the stuff that gives old folks a bad name.


It's true, we elderly need strong interests so we can hang onto what vitality we have left.  Walking is good.  Walking about looking for trouble?  Not so good.  For sure, walking on a treadmill, walking the dog, walking down the slow lane, are not as exiting as stalking might-be criminals.  But it's better for your health and of those around you.


For the shoot-from-the-hip geezer, ordinary target shooting probably gets pretty boring, and hunting season doesn't last that long.   But if he has time to kill, wouldn't it be better if he stalked and killed people on a cybergame?  Playing avenger in real life is dangerous and tricky.


An enterprising soul might set up a camp where these old folks bent on packing and shooting could come for a few days, stalk robot criminals night and day.  A kind of super paintball with rubber bullets and real tasers.  Might keep a few of them off the street.  The government could subsidize such a program under mental health.


Of course, opposition would be strong.  The NRA wants real guns and bullets for every American over the age of five.  But it's beginning to look like driving.  Comes a time when your license to drive permanently expires.  Maybe the same with guns? 

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