Trophy Mac

I've left my most-of-the-time faithful Windows XP behind and and taken up with a younger, sophisticated Mac.  So elegant!  Is this the way some old codger feels when he lands a trophy wife?  She can give him all the things he wants, but is he up to it?  [In my case, an old biddy with a boy toy.]


Mac has brains as well as beauty but I fear we are intellectually mismatched.  Mac is fast and I'm blooming slow, but hoping to catch up.  Does use-it-or-lose-it apply to our relationship?  Can too much sleep be harmful?  Will the slow lane lead to voluntary crash?  I know the MacIntoshes are a pretty sturdy lot, but how much lethargy can they take?  Can they demand to be recalled?


I have some remorse about dumping PC. We knew each other so well.  Thirteen years cannot be erased with the touch of the Delete button.  PC may be on the shelf [actually in a box in the back of a pick-up truck] but he knows all my secrets.  Would gladly spill the hard drive if the right person came along.


What's an ignorant old lady to do?  Drown him in the bathtub, throw him in the lake?  Can't bear to hook him up again.  I'll keep you posted.   











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