Vasectomy Madness (Truth is Stranger than Fiction)

Whoa!  Local early morning TV ad that's a real eye opener.  March Madness coming up, all you basketball fans.  That's a fact.  But listen to this.  Have you heard of "Vasectomy Madness?"  Is it psychosis brought on by snip-snip?   Maybe snip-snip remorse?   A  grinning urologists invites all comers (pun intended) for free consultation.  Just for coming in you'll get a coupon pizza!  (Your worries about "coming in" will be over.) 


Strange time to air Dr. Redneck's ad, don't you think?  Early morning and the kiddies still home.  "Mommie, what's a mad vasectomky?"  "Ask your father."


Hmmm, they could use it in the schools as intro to Sex Ed.  Oh, yeah, we don't do that in the slow lane.  Pity.  I always found the subject one of the easiest to teach.  Kids love it. 

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