Ha!  Don't know what it means?  Well, If you're above a certain age, you may be one.  Slog along pretty much techno-impaired?  The odds are in your favor.  [Thanks to the Siberian Express my lane is quite sloggish and icy these days.]


If winter's got you boxed in, your charger's dead, and you don't care, the odds are increasing.  Can you read a real book, a map, add and subtract minus a device (pun intended), hey, you're getting there.  Can you write cursive using pen and paper?  (No, cursive is not writing curse words; has nothing to do with stray dogs.  Look it up.)  Can you spell in long hand?  Are you content with just a few good face-to-face friends?  Do you value privacy?  Can you live without tweeting Dr. Phil?   Can you resist showing your ass figuratively during hot-headed on line battle, or literally like a Kardashian?


Answer yes to most of these questions and you are a bone fide anachronism.  Yeah, you are not of these times.  You are out of step, my friend. 


But wait!  Live long enough and these skills will be admired, you know like carving an arrow head or writing caligraphy.  People will gasp in wonder as you add columns of numbers using only paper and pencil.  "My God, she knows how to dial that primitive phone!"  "She can drive a car!"   "She can spell anachronism!"


Ha!  That's because I am one!  And my friends are "anachronies."

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