Lost Love?

Whoa!  Was I a lost love?  Why would I think that?  An old lady's daydreams? 


Sunday Morning (TV show) did a Valentine story about lost loves, high school sweethearts reunited later in life.  And? Twenty-five years ago when I was less frayed around the edges, less fat, I had energy to ride and camp rugged Utah mountains one week with a friend.  Amazing!  Anyhow, aat the end of the trip my friend returned to NC while I ventured on to my old stomping grounds, a small Colorado town.  So?


So who was there from California looking for me, but my first boyfriend.  He found me in a tiny restaurant, looking the worse for wear.  You know, bags under my eyes reaching to my chin; straw stack hair, no make-up, dirty old riding clothes and a little smelly.  In short, probably the worst I ever looked without a hangover or the flu.  I'm pretty sure he was mortified that he'd wasted one minute on such a hag.  The mortification was mutual.  How could fate allow this to happen? 


Not that I would ever be interested in him.  Rumor whispered through the years that he proved to be an egotistical womanizer, multiple marriages.  Lucky for me to have been dumped.


Still yesterday, it warmed my heart to realize that he must've thought of me as a lost love worth checking out.  He died not that long after that.  Just dropped dead.  Was it a broken heart.  Not a chance.......but he did come looking.







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