An American Sniper

Oh, my goodness!  An American Sniper comes to town and makes a gazillion bucks!   Why I should give a good flip whether or not a movie flops is beyond me.  But every Monday morning, big winners and losers over the weekend are breathlessly reported.  


As to Sniper, my opinions are truly biased, based only on the trailers.  Tragically, an ex-Seal is murdered.  He loved his wife and family.  During deployment, in the heat of battle, he keeps a grip on his cell phone as well as his assault rifle whereby the wife lends moral support.  It is implied he single-handedly won the war in Aphganistan.  We won the war???


In the past, snipers were never admired.  Sniping seems cold-blooded and precise compared to random shots fired into jungle, brush, woods or automatic firing through the door of  an adobe hut.  Sniping seems like murder.  In the end, the sniper, himself, is murdered.  No one deserves to be murdered.


Oh, but it saves soooooooo many lives!   Hmmmm........And according to one of my friends, "The Japaneses used snipers against us in World War II."   Now that's a brilliant justification if ever I heard one.   What planet is she living on?  Snipers are nothing new.  Both sides used them in the Civil War.  Americans have always had snipers amongst their troops.  The difference is, they were never made out to be heroes.


These days, mostly out of stricken conscience, Americans refer to all servicemenn as heroes just for walking guard and peeling potatoes.  [Whoops, they don't do mess duty any more, but presumably private contracters are not walking guard.]  Yes, the troops do their duty and deserve our respect.  But a hero performs an heroic act, you know something brave, unselfish, at great personal danger.  I do not think sniping an heroic act.  But what are you gonna do?   Our soldier-heroes are sent to fight unwinnable wars.  You gotta come up with something.  


You may point out that I, myself, am sniping at the sniperGuilty as charged.

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