50 Shades of Grey

Greetings from the edge!  An old lady creeps down the slow lane and makes a discovery.  [Actually, I do not creep, I walk pretty fast, considering.]  You see, I've decided the world is really flat.  How so?


Well, for starters, barbarism is recorded and flashed pretty often these days to anybody with a smart phone or PC.  (Tell me that's not totally, insanely, tragically over the edge.) 


 Here at home, get your pretty little pink handgun for that special lady on Valentine's Day.  She'll be fully prepared to take somebody out at Walmart or the soccer field.  Then there's the Kardashians and their ilk.  Idolizing such nitwits is worse than listening to Bill O'Reilly.  Who cares if Sony's really stupid movie is hacked?  Do I care if they lose a gazillion bucks while 77% of Americans barely squeek by and 1 of 5 of their kids go hungry?  Please!!


We're so over the edge the world just has to be flatter than a pancake.  All those crazy distractions, them-and-us thinking, black and white with no grey areas. 


 But wait....50 Shades of Grey is coming to TV.  We're saved!      


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