Cigarets and Poor Folk

Hub-bub over cold and hot air rages on.  Deflate-a-gate releases enough hot air to launch a fleet of hot-air balloons.  Well, maybe one.   Anyhow, it's a fun break from  news that, I swear, gets gloomier and ghastlier every day. 


Local TV news item last week,  slightly related to hot air,  left me scrathing my head.  We're talking  hot air blowing out your lungs, clouding the room, when you puff a cigaret.  Among Kentucky and her sister states, Missouri, Tennessee, and Illinois, Kentucky folks spend the most on tobacco sales.  Something  like $1,600,00 a year.  What!  This seems  like a statistic to hide under the barrel.  


While we're talking less-than-desirable stats, KY is 46th in per capita income.  Of the 100 poorest towns in the US with a population over !,000, KY has eight of them.  Incidentally, of these poor towns, 66 were part of the Confederacy.  Now if you add KY's eight poor towns, that's 74!  [They don't like this bandied about, but KY was not in the Confederacy!  Gasp!]


So what's my point?  If you're a Kentucky smoker, you might be poor and proud of an imaginary great-great-granddaddy who fought for the Confederacy.  And you probably couldn't care less about deflated footballs. 



But, hey don't be messin' with our basket balls!


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