Green Lips, Flexballs, Millionaires

Balls are big news today:  Google's squeeky-clean image takes a hit.  Hanky-panky with a tattooed call girl ends the life of a Google executive.  [Excuse me, she's an aspiring model.  Right!  And I'm Miss America.]  Poor guy shootin' up and ballin' the wrong woman pays the ultimate price.


 A Ballsy Billionaire among the World's Most Influential Leaders in Switzerland, urges Americans to lower their standards, simply their lives.  Who is he talking to?  Is he suggesting the 1% controlling 48% of the world's assets give up a couple of their homes, maybe turn them into homeless shelters?   Cut their own lawns, do their own dusting, take care of their own children?  Get rid of one of their Lear Jets?  [Not good.  Think of the unemployed pilots.]  Surely, not suggesting the middle-class give up a job or two and join and the working poor?


Then there's the woman wearing emerald green enamel lipstick talking face to face with the President of the United States .  Her lips are less than delicate, the envy of many starlets and models who put out big bucks, and other things, to achieve this look.  I know I'm old and out of the loop, but don't expect green lips to catch on in these parts.


Moving right along, we have Flexballs, an unfortunate accident involving the NFL Championship game.  You know, underinflated footballs. Tom Brady is quoted, "My Balls Are Perfect," on the cover of a tabloid.  


Now, the original Flexball is a Gillette razor.   By the sheerest coincidence, Flexball appeared on the advertising backdrop during the Brady TV interview in response to Indianapolis whining.  Right there over Brady's big, old, hunky right shoulder.  Fast forward a couple of days and the Gillette folks can't contain their gloating:  $4 million in sales since the interview!  


Is cheating afloat funded by unscrupulous ad folks?  Following the money is pretty easy, but missing air?  That is trickier.       

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