Meditation plungess into the mainstream.  Makes quite a splash, too.  Don't believe me?  How about believe Anderson Cooper?  Take a look at World 3.0:  Meditation promotes health and happiness...


Folks of a certain age recall the Beatles' India travels and studies.  We remember Carlos Castenada and the Mexican shaman.  Lynn Andrews.  Some have smoked and ingested any number of substances searching for enlightenment.   A wide variety of gurus have offered advice and teachings.  A few charlatans, too.  


Speaking in generalities, all religous tradidtions have their mystics, those who dwell upon the mystery, that space where separation between God and mankind dissolves.  However, radical splinter factions mostly do not deal in mysticism.  They waste spiritual energies  pointing out differences, patting themselves on the back for self-proclaimed elitism.   Outside of splinter groups and crazies, it is a fact that meditation is harmful to no religion.  It can be practiced with or without religion. 


And exactly what  or where is the place of peace, well-being, happiness?   By golly, all you have to do is close your eyes.  Well, you need to sit still, too.  And turn off your device.   Forget about touching screens and pressing buttons.  There's something better out there for a few minutes anyhow.  

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