Obamacare and Slavery........EEEEEK!

Know nothing about this guy.   What I do know a black man, one Mr. Carson, just spoke on CNN stating, and I quote. "Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery."  He was speaking at the Heritage Foundation?  Huh?  Does he understand the unwritten goals of this extremist think tank?  For starters:


1.  Voting minorities in this country must be disenfranchised as quickly as possible.  Well, damn!  There's too many of 'em!


2.  Support the right to work.  Translation:  No more unions.  Gotta keep those wages down so the jobs don't go abroad.  Just the money that lands in Cayman Islands and Swiss banks.


3.  Oppose affordable health care.  Only sissy socialist nations are foolish enough to offer universal health coverage to their citizens. 


You get the idea.  How in God's name can a person of color, or anyone for that matter, compare Obamacare to slavery?  The man appeared healthy enough, but one has to suspect early onset Alzheimer's Disease.


November found me ignoring news lost in family frivolities:  Wedding anniversaries, [mine, the Big Six Oh], Thanksgiving, much celebrating.  Merrymaking is good for the soul as well as the blood pressure. 


Then this morning and Mr. Carson!  I doubt even Mitch McConnell would make such a stupid statement.  Carson apparently knows nothing about slavery.  Wonder if he'd be interested in a little historic reenactment?  Alas, some folks here in the slow lane would love to participate.


As for me, back to the merrymaking.  Pass the eggnog and make it snappy.     


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