The Voters Have Spoken.....EEEEEEK!

Yep, I'm a slow-laner, but I do have indoor plumbing, a TV, and my brain usually functions pretty close to normal.  I'm 180 degrees from the phony whistle-ducks and their dynasty. Most guys that look like that around here have glazed eyes and ride Harley's.  And they vote Republican. 


"Cut them taxes so we can pay for our bikes.  And  get them #*!* foreigners outta here so we can have jobs."  Huh?  "Well, hell, we mean real jobs.  We don't hanker to work tobacco or clean toilets.  We don't care nothin' bout food stamps.  Ya can't even mail a letter with 'em.


"Right to life!  Save them poor chillun, but hell, don't give the mamas any help.  They need to get off their lazy hind ends. Let 'em work two, three shifts at McDonalds.  It's a job ain't it?

"Health care?  What the hell for?    Wanna be like all them sissy socialist Europeans?  Let 'em die naturally the way God intended.  If God wanted health care, it would be in the 10 Commandments.


"Support our troops by bringing 'em home and dropping a couple of nuclear bombs in Syria and Iran.  That'd fix 'em!  Show the world we got gonads!


Burn, baby, burn!  Yep, keep that coal a-fuelin' our plants.  Cancer rates?  What's a little cancer compared to a job?  Besides, ya might get killed next week on your Harley!  Nothing like roarin' down a country road, your beard blowin' in the wind, your skull bone the only thing between you and the almighty."


Huh!  I feel like I'm riding a Harley off the edge of the world!  You do know the world is flat, don't you?

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