Ebola Terrorism!

Wouldn't it be smart to figure out how this ebola stuff spreads?  Not to panic.  They assured us it was spread only through bodily fluids.  Huh!  I don't know about you, but to me, it seems impossible that nurses caring for that first American victim shared or handled inappropriately any of his bodily fluids.


Now I agree it's best not to panic.  Panic-stricken people are not rational.  For instance, sending in the troops, the time-honored fixer-upper shoot-from-the-hip American policy.  You'd think folks would notice this hasn't been working too well.


Can American troops and medical science save the world?  Maybe.  But since we can't control our land-locked borders from illegals (using methods of which I personally disapprove), how can we expect to control the skies?  It would seem wise to figure out  exactly how ebola  spreads. 


Jihadists, no doubt, mull over this problem even as I write.  But it's my guess that suicide ebola will never replace the popular blow-yourself-to-smithereens method.  Lacks drama and instant gratification.  And that, folks, is the good news! 



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