One Potato Chip

Simple pleasures.  Take, for instance, computer games.  Hold it, hold it, hold it!  This elder* just hasn't got the wits or reflexes for those on-line games that addict and mesmerize millions of the "younger."  I'm talking off-line Hearts and Solitaire.  I know, I know!  Simple games for the simple minded.  Maybe.


But if your karma lets you live into old age, you might be lucky enough to sleep late in the morning.  You might be wise enough to ignore TV and it's pit of spinning vipers and their kalidescope reporting.  If you're old enough, you know it's mostly bull.


But an early morning game of Hearts, how refreshing!  Hey, you made it to the PC.  You still have wits enough to win and wisdom to lose gracefully.  Actually losing is pretty easy because the opponents never gloat.  These folks know if you lose a game, you're not a bad person.  And they'll play any time at the drop of a hat.  


Now wait a minute!  Is it possible that I, in  spite of self-proclaimed wisdom, could fall into addiction?  Nah, I'm so old I knew life before high tech and it was pretty darn good.


                  Furthermore, I can eat one potato chip - one game'll do me.   


*Elder implies a person of old age who is wise because of it.  An elder does not wish to look like an adolescent anymore than a mature person wants to look like a baby.  An elder is never thought of as an old fart.   

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