Keep Your Damn Guns

Let 'em have their guns?  Huh?  Kroger, are you crazy?  Your stores are that dangerous?  You coulda fooled me.  I do live in the slow lane and we have lots of red necks, but folks seem pretty mild-mannered in my Kroger.  Prices are soaring but toting a sidearm isn't gonna do a bit of good.


Powers that be, do you not know the law of attraction?  Guns attract guns, and guns can kill people even in the produce department.  Think innocent bystanders amid shredded vegetables.  Not a pretty sight.


What about the rights of bow-hunters?  Should they be allowed to carry their cross-bows into Kroger if they feel threatened?  Is this covered in the Constitution?


The whole US gun thing would be laughable if it weren't so deadly.  Kroger, you're not helping.  We Americans seem selfish, paranoid bullies, not quite right in the head, who've been allowed to play with inappropriate toys.  In the wildest of scenarios, I cannot imagine a single one of our founding fathers toting a sidearm into the grocery.


As for me, I say keep your damn guns, but keep 'em outta the super market!


Where's the NRA in all of this?  Why, manipulating their unruly "brats" for their own greed. 






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