What the NRA doesn't want you to know!

New light has been shed on personal protection.  Forget firearms, mace and pepper spray.  An alternative has been resting on your retailer's shelves for years.  No permit needed and It doesn't matter if you are crazy.  The kids won't kill and maim each other should they get hold of it.  Would-be robbers and attackers can be disabled at a distance of 20 - 30 feet.  No target practice or instruction is needed to fire this baby


We're talking old-fashioned genuine Wasp Spray in the aerosole can.  Point and shoot to temporarily blind any evil-doers foolishly crossing your path.  Then dial 911 and/or run like crazy.  No need to reload if more shots are needed.  It's as good as the family cat for offing mice.  Snakes?  One spray does 'em in. 


Now the NRA has reason to fear this revelation.  Think of lost revenue from gun sales and shows should folks switch to Wasp Spray shows.  Purse- sized sprays would be a hit (pun intended) with the ladies.  For jogging, or for anyone wanting to exude confidence, think light-weight color-coordinated Wasp Spray holsters.  Hip or shoulder.


Of course, gun nuts will scoff.  But the fact is teachers, tellers, and clerks might safely and effectively prevent murderous mayhem with blinding Wasp Spray.  Think about the wannabe hero killed during the the Las Vegas shoot-up.  What if he'd shot Wasp Spray instead of bullets? 



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