Goodby, Soccer! Hello Zillow!

Cheesh!  Really hate to change the subject.  I mean, so many soccer hits,**  mostly not goals, I'm guessing, since no new stars appear in my  "like" count.  Soccer fans probably aren't into my flip, tongue-in-cheek stuff.  Still, a few take the bait.  Thankfully my anonymity is safe from those who may be over the edge.


So much for soccer, may it rest in peace for awhile.  Much to rant about, MH 17, American vigilantes, to name a couple.  But today I'm climbing on the old soap box to crab about a TV ad.  


The actors are not wearing indecent clothing.  They are not faux hillbillies or red necks.  They are not wagging about in seductive poses, nor licking seductive lips and body parts.  They are a typical American caucasion family with 1 l/2 children, Mom is expecting.  [Hmmmm......If you really think about it, they are not typical these days.  But never mind.]


Mom and Dad and sulky little boy, 10  or so, must search for a larger home since little brother is on the way. [Heaven forbid, two little boys should share a room!]  Alas, they look at home after home as SLBoy pouts away, nixing home after home til finally this brat finds The One



I can think of no slant that makes this ad acceptable. It's not funny, it''s not satire.  It's a dopey set of parents allowing a sulky 10 year old kid to select a family home like he's a little god or something.  Is the ad aimed at spoiled, unpleasant children or nitwit parents? 


Maybe I'm missing the point.   Yeah, I do live in the slow lane and I'm old, but Zillow, are you crazy?


**Being a realist, my joy is relative.  It's no secret, many sites, videos, etc. receive more hits in a minute than land in the slow lane in a year.  Hey, that's okay.

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