Americans* and the World Cup

A woman, don't have the foggiest notion who she is, on sunday morning TV, arrogantly points out why Americans should, in her opinion, ignore the World Cup.  Soccer?  A game that should be dropped after age 9.  Boring?  People, she says, running up and down the field?  Guess she hasn't watched any golf tournaments or basketball.  Americans aren't good at the sport.  So? 


Consider growing numbers of fat Americans and their fat kids over age 9?  Most could benefit from running up and down the field.   


Many Americans suffer from undiagnosed attention deficit syndrome complicated by the need to constantly reinforce personal identity with unrelenting  Face Spacing and stacatto text messaging.  "I text, therefore I am."  This egocentric pasttime makes it hard to give undivided attention to almost anything.   


Americans aren't good at soccer?  That makes it something we don't need to do?  Why don't with think this way about war;  we're terrible at it! 


Soccer can be fostered without a huge output of dollars or pesos or whatever.  I mean basically, it's a ball.  Maybe shoes, if you have them.  It's a game for anyone and everyone whether they're hungry or not.  That makes it a noble sport. 


The cutesy piece about soccer this morning, though tongue-in-cheek, was definitely delivered from inside the bubble.


*US Americans. 



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