The South Can Rise Again!

Breaking news!  A new company coming to the slow lane will provide 125 jobs.........over the next 10 years.  [Huh?]  Just a guess, but could it be that figure is the normal attrition rate said company expects?  I mean these folks always bring in their own people.


It's hard to figure.  I mean the WAR ended nearly 150 years ago.  Buying and selling people was not a good thing.  It's pretty well agreed by thinking folks that in the aftermath the destiny of both white and black southerners was badly bungled.  We pay the price today.  Yet, carpetbagging is alive and well, welcomed in the modern South. 


"Come on down, boys!  We've got the kinda tax breaks you gonna love.  EPA?  We sure 'nuff'll help y'all round that nonesense.  Look, our good ole boys don't want no union.  No sir!  We believe in the right to work...... for low wages.  Don't you worry none 'bout that poison air and water.  God made us adaptable.  Yes sir, He put them mountains there for us to blow up for the good of all."


Kentucky's not short on thinkers.  We've had three Nobel Laureates and a Pulizter Prize winner.  Abraham Lincoln was born here as well as Larry Flynt, Bobbie Ann Mason and Wendell Berry to name a few.  Why then glorify mentality siding with corporate greed that exploits our own folks?  [Oh, silly me.  It's 'cause we're agin the gov'mint.]


I know y'all are Scots-Irish stubborn, and yeah, I'm a transplant.  But why cut off your nose to spite your face?  Get a grip on who's doing the exploiting.  Think less Creationism and more creativity.  


Throw out that damn baby and keep the bath water! 


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