Whoa!  Right here in the slow lane, watch for the largest McDonald's in the Indianapolis region!  And we're not even in Indiana.  Local folks shook their heads in amazement when old Mickey D's disappeared one night.  No seismic activity reported, not even a little old sonic boom.  The construction gremlins whisked it away silently while the town sleip and swept up the crumbs.


Even as I write, construction crews work in near triple digit heat sweating out the September opening.  Six thousand square feet are taking shape.  


Hard to figure why a small town needs a super McDonald's.  Experts analyzed this stuff and they said,  "Go for it!"   Maybe hidden scales and cameras report body types?  We sure do have our fair share of supersized folks.  These large people not only eat tons of fast food, but they take up more room inside.  Does the decision to supersize mean we have the most er........supersized folks in the region


Maybe our megamac's will become a tourist attraction?  McDonald's might want to rethink their ads.  Picture a round redneck waving a rifle in one hand, Big Mac in the other.  If guns don't kill people, neither do Big Macs!  Yeah, Bubba, "I'm lovin' it!"


Till September, there is a Sonic boom in town.  (Pun intended.)






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