The Ten Top Sins

What a coincidence!  I mean I wrote about the 8th deadly sin and just this morning a fundalmentalist preacher, gripping his Bible, sternly announces to the world his next TV  sermon: "The Top Ten Sins." 


My husband and look at each other.  We agreed we didn't know the top ten sins.  We also agreed we'd probably committed a bunch of  'em.  Now, lots of slow lane folks like these sin lists.  That way they don't have to bother thinking for themselves.


Well, I'm gonna figure out my own sin list even if I am a slow-laner:


          1.  Not paying women as well as men

          2.  Not providing jobs through improving the infrastructure

          3.  Blaming the hungry and jobless

          4.  Ignoring nations of color unless they have oil

          5.  Polluting nations of color and white

          6.  Using false patriotism to go to war

          7.  Fighting firearms with firearms (think Las Vegas)

          8.  Worshiping false gods, ie. coal, oil, guns, moneyl, corporations

          9.  Demonizingthe government, the President, and just about everybody else.

         10.  Listening to false prophets, i.e., Bill O'Reilly, etc.


This is the short list.  If some folks call me socialist, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.  To them, I say, "Thank you, and count your sins before they hatch!" 



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