The Eighth Deadly Sin

In a strange twist of dogma, the vacation, time away from office,  plow, or assembly line, has become the 8th deadly sin. [You remember the original deadlies:  lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.]  By avoiding vacation time, it seems to me all the originals sins are being committed with the exception of maybe sloth.


Americans are expected to slave away with maybe a week or two off during the year with a few long holiday weekends thrown in.  Those folks with regular jobs, that is, or salaries.  Those not so lucky sweat out two or three dead-end jobs to make ends meet.  But, hey,  they won't fall victim to the 8th sin.  No time to commit it. 


Now the unemployed are in another category.  Those people commit all the original 7 deadly sins, especially sloth.   To boot, they loll around in permanent vacation.  Shame on them!


Statistics show that last year 429 million vacation days were not takenSo?  Isn't that in line with American values?  Well, it resulted in 1.2 million jobs that were not created.  So?  We're talking $160 billion lost to the economy. 


Think about it!  Ignoring vacation time sounds like economic blasphemy to me!

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