Father's Day and Dracula

Two weeks till Father's Day.  Bet you didn't know it's been official only since 1972 when Tricky Dicky Nixon signed the law.  I sure didn't know it when I bought that corn cob pipe for my dad much earlier in the last century.  I would've bought it anyway.


Forty-six percent of males in the US are fathers.  [Above what age?]  I'm guessing the other 54% probably includes quite a few fathers, too.  


Okay, let that go and think about the perfect gift for your dad.  Tradition says the dreaded tie, a tool, a fishing rod.  Some dads would probably enjoy a Playboy subscription, but I don't recommend it.  Science has given us a clue to what may be the ultimate Father's and Mother's Day gifts in the not-too-distant-future.  A blood transfusion!


Laugh if you will, but elderly mice given a shot of blood from young mice kicked  up their tiny heels and ran like crazy in their exercise wheels.  They ate more.  Probably rolled their beady little eyes at the ladies, too.  Anyway, young blood made 'em feel real good.  [Count Dracula may have been onto something.]  I can see the ads now: 


Treat Dad to a pint! [Good grief!  Think horror movies!] 

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