Paper Doll Pen Pals

The lane I live in is so slow you can't hardly see it moving.  Like somebody said, "I'm in this world, but not of it."  Ain't it the truth!


For example, I'm searching out "Paper Dolls" on the web.  [Love paper dolls, used to collect 'em, but decided a trunkful was quite enough, thank you.]  Ha!  You'll never guess what paper dolls are these days!  [Oh, you probably know, especially if you clean your jeans in the freezer.]  Ohmigawd! they are women looking for guys.   


Okay, let's see.  Hmmm...."Paper Doll Pen Pals" popped up.  I'll click on that.  Probably little old ladies like yours truly who like to buy, trade, or compare their collections.  Eeeek! They are women prisoners looking for redemption ....and guys.  All, incredibly beautiful, most probably convicted on a bum rap.  No old lady convicts. 


But hey, even in the slow lane we know about catfish.  And I'm not talking what's served up with hush puppies!  Wouldn't surprise me one bit if some of those beauties are old as me trying to drum up a couple of bucks for lipstick and cigarets.


I gotta look at it like this:  If it weren't for the internet,  my lane wouldn't be moving at all.





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