Freeze those Jeans!

Truth is stranger than fiction.  To prove it, there's a little gem appearing in a national print magazine.  To avoid red faces, I won't reveal the name.  [You know who you are.] The source, however, shall not remain anonymous. [See last paragraph.]


"Never launder denim.  'You'd be surprised how many people do this.'  Huh?  "Yes, you should spot-clean stains.  But when the jeans need a refreshing, just put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for a few days."  Are you crazy?  'The low temperatures kill bacteria, remove any stink, and somehow make them feel freshly clean.'"  I don't think so!


Now, we wear a lot of denim in the slow lane:  jeans, the choice of most genders and ages, fat or skinny.  There's jackets, bib overalls, skirts, shirts, bags, even quilts.  But you gotta know, they ain't going in the freezer.  Mud, manure, grass stains, you gonna spot clean?  What planet are you from?  Didn't you have a mother?


I can see the author of this tip, strolling down 5th Avenue in sprayed-on-designer-skinny-jeans that probably get tossed after a few wearings anyhow.  Heels so high, he/she needs a stepladder to mount 'em.  Hair maroon, or possibly clean shaven.  Zebra shirt cut to the waist revealing a washboard chest and/or implants.  Tons on jangling jewelry, most of it real.  In other words, your typical washer of denim.


Like I said, truth is stranger......Source:  (Enjoy the hits from my thousands of followers.) 


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