Seniority Moments

Ha!  Senior moments are not a bad thing.  Recent studies show that old codgers, old coots, old farts, old geezers, are slower in retrieving info from the old cerebrual file cabinet.  [Duh!] 


But this is not necessarily due to senility, dementia, or too many carbs.  The fact is the elderly brain is so chock full of facts, it takes neurons longer to sift through the files for retrieval.  A lot of experience gets packed away in 70 or 80 years even if you've sitting on your hands.  Some old folks get conceited, stodgy, and down right unpleasant when their brains are so full.  Can't blame 'em, though, since younger, emptier brains are considered superior


The term, senior moment, often applied to elderly memory lapse and delay should be instead, seniority moment.  This makes sense to me.  My filing cabinet must be so full that new files spill to the floor where my neurons can't find them! 

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