How quaint and out-of-touch folks like me must appear to those eagerly embracing never-ending "technovations!"  I'm pretty sure they equate our lack of savvy and confusion with a kind of dementia-dementia.  


Researchers one day may examine the lives of folks unable to understand that a cloud is not made of mist, that a byte is not an alternative spelling for what bad dogs do.  Shocking, but the most seriously afflicted suffers don't seem to give a flip.  They refuse to text.  Smart phone?  Please!  They pay no attention to their antiquainted flip tops! 


This techno-dementia often manifests in serious anti-social behavior.  Victims ignore Facebook, Twitter, et al.  Their brains seem to be missing wiring that requires the constant stimulation achieved by tapping or talking to a device of some sort.


Think what victims miss by having no personal and clever tweets rush across a national TV sceen!  Ten seconds of fame is better than no fame, I guess.  Yes, you've probably guessed, I'm one of these unfortunate techno-dementia victims.  I  enjoy hearing the silence.  Maybe there's hope, though.  I like checking my slow-lane hits.








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