Requium for a PC

Am I alive or dead?  That's my PC asking.  Apparently, too old to update, Old Faithful is being forced to the ice just like an ancient eskimo.  To the young and savvy, clinging to a dinosaur is beyond the realm of understanding.  Are you crazy?  Sentiment has no place in the techno world! 


Well, hey, my car is nearly as old as Old Faithful.  Does Detroit say I can no longer drive it?  Heck, no!  They promise to service it till the wheels fall off and then some.


There's something to be said for the comfort of things familiar.  Favortie books wearing your fingerprints,  old chairs shaped to your anatomy,  old friends that knew you way back when and think you need no upgrading.


I suppose it will happen, my PC forced into oblivion.  Other computers will snub us, refuse to comunicate because we are old.  Ah, but before they know it, these upgrades will be dinosaurs creeping down the slow lane.  


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