Rolling Stone Comes to the Slow Lane

Also, Mitch McConnell (I'm tempted to call him the esteemed Lizardman, but such childishness only fuels rampant rumors that I am borderline senile).  Anyhow, the governor with an IQ in the single digits from the biggest contiguous state also plunked himself down to attend the just-invented Lincoln-Reagon dinner at the University.  What!  Talk about your basic oxymoron!


This may surprise you, but I wasn't invited.  Should an invitation been extended, I could've loftily declined on principle while offering some lame excuse.  As it turns out, there was genuine conflict.  It was opening night of my senior theater troup's one act plays.  (Wonder which event contained the most ham?)  As I see it, the L-R bunch are lucky they had anybody at all. 


And Rolling Stone?  The headline read something about Rolling Stone here the same night!   Wow!  Which one?  Mick Jagger, Keith Richards?  Somehow I couldn't imagine any Stone aligning  themselves with the L-R faction.  Oh, silly,'s Rolling Stone, the magazine!   Seems the political stew brewing in Kentucky is interesting to the magazine.


What a pity the Stone failed to cover the senior players.  Just as many laughs as the L-R thing  and a lot less bull! 


PS -  No posts for ten days or so.  I'll be far from the slow lane.  (You know perfectly well I have only a dumb phone, no laptop, and certainly no google glasses.)  Catch you later

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