Flight 370 Theories & Obama

Aha!  I knew it!  The communications on Flight 370 were deactivated.  Easy enough then to disappear by flying south over vast radar-free oceans.  Fuel runs out and you put it in the drink.  No explosion to send flotsam and jetsam ashore.  I think it's resting on the ocean floor like an airborne Titanic.  My husband pooh-poohs the notion, but I'm sticking to it.  [At least one offical agrees with me. ]


Or maybe it's strewed over the wastes of Antarctica?  Wherever it's strewed, I'm sure rhymes-with-lox news is connecting it with espionage spawned by Obama.  After all, he was a resident of Indonesia, Malayasia's close neighbor.  So what if he was only 8 when he left?  Everybody knows how smart he is.  The Indonesian government probably had him deported for precocious terrorist play dates.


Another theory, appealing to the UFO, crowd involves an alien monster-magnet in outter space sucking the plane through a black hole.   You know, a kind of reverse Bermuda Trirangle.  Hmmmmm.....  I like my theory better.  


Even here in the slow lane, folks are pretty sure 370 was a clever act of terrorism.  Won't help tourism in that part of the planet.  But maybe the TSA will rethink frisking old ladies and snatching bottles from babies? 






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