Drama in the Slow Lane (DON'T Break a Leg!)

You've guessed that I love movies.  Yeah, I'm old and I sorta have tunnel vision as to what I'll watch.  Probably miss some good ones, since I mostly ignore action and fantasy.  As to the stage, I'll watch anything.  Living, breathing actors, you can't beat 'em.  Even the bad ones. 


In the slow lane we have little theaters all over the place.  Aside from sets being primitive, we have musical comedy as good as any.  Folks from the Big Apple and Philadelphia have told us so.  Lots of talented folks in these parts and they don't just sing in the church choir.  Contrary to popular belief, all churches south of the Mason-Dixon do not forbid dancing.  


I, myself, am a member of a theater group.  The only requirements being that you can still read and must be over 55.  [If age were a speed limit, most of us would be breaking the law by a long way.]  Comedy skits or one act plays are what we do.   We don't memorize, just wag our scripts around, and ham it up. 


Costumes are glitzy and fun.  [I'm green and amazed at those who wear glamorous size 10's hanging in their closets since the 80's!  I outgrew all my glitz years ago.]  We miss our cues, lose our places.  So what?  I think people enjoy us because we have such a good time and well, we're cute.  And plucky.


We tramp (I use the term loosely) the boards in great spirits in spite of a seriously ill relative or spouse.  Arthritis takes a back seat.  The hell with Medicare and Obamacare, any care!   We're performing tonight!




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