Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Dern

I can hear you thinking, What, since when is she a movie critic?  To which I reply, "We have PPV in the slow lane, you know.  And you don't need a license to discuss movies."


JASMINE BLUE, THE DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB, NEBRASKA Cate Blanchette's **fouled-up socialite takes your breath away; Matthew McConaughey's cadavor of a sick fouled up-cowboy knocks your socks off;  Bruce Dern's fouled-up, stubborn old, deaf man is what we in the slow lane dread becoming.  [Might be there and don't know it.  Dare we ask the kids?]


Two of these three excellent movies, in spite of marvelous acting, left me feeling dissatisfied.  Is hopelessness and dysfunction all there is?   Jasmine, poor woman, needs to be institutionalized and perhaps Nebraska's Woody, also.  Their sad lives seemed to have no meaning.  But the sleazy cowboy aids victim bucking Big Pharma and the government, what a stand he made before cashing it in!  True story.


Just watched Inside Llewyn Davis.  A talented, likeable, you guessed it, fouled-up folk musician going against the tide.  Homeless, broke, he sleeps on couches and sleeps around, trudges snowy streets reminiscent of a Bob Dylan album cover.  Only Dylan wasn't carrying a cat.  In the last scene, a 60's Dylan sings and twangs away while poor old Llewyn lies beaten, literally, in the street.  He rises again, but at 30 something, how much more can he take?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed


** Actually the f-word would be more appropriate here, but it doesn't come easy to my keyboard.  This is the slow lane.



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