How about that!  Discovered a lane slower than mine.  Talk about bleak!  This movie seems like grounds enough to kick Nebraska from the union.  Hey, I've driven the route of the movie, found it stark, yes, but beautiful.  In fact, I'm native to a neighboring state. 


Bleak landscape, dull small towns filled with senile or near senile folks with a few mouth-breathing rednecks thrown in for good measure.  Bleak old age, years of ghastly marriage.  Why bother living beyond say, 60 or so?  And those nose hairs!  Ugh!  Maybe I'm missing the point?  Was it a comedy?  A satire?


As to the amateur actors mixed with the pros, it made for a kind of bumpy surrealism.  How did they feel when they saw charactures of themselves on the big screen?  [In my theater group, we have the spitting image of Woody's (Bruce Dern) wife.  Have always considered her untalented.  Shows what I know!


Everybody's lives in the movie were screwed up, of course.  Well, yeah, life is pretty screwy and unfair.  People are grasping and conniving.  Well-adjusted folks (if there is such a group) don't make for interesting movies.   But one would hope for a bit more redemption than a childish deception making an senile codger happy a few minutes.   Ohmigawd!  That's the point.  That's all there is!  Now I dislike the movie even more.


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