Travel news!  Oversized carry-on luggage will now require an extra fee of $25.  What!  Twenty-five dollars is next to nada.  Folks will ignore size requirements just like they always have unless the fee gets their attention.  Say something between $50 - $100.  But why not fling fat baggage in the hold where it belongs in the first place?  I'm pretty sure most folks with an IQ above single digits would approve this idea.


Next to PC lock-ups, lock-downs, lock-ins and pop-ups, getting to your seat on a commercial airliner is one of the most frustrating experiences experienced by modern man and woman.  The frailest of old ladies, the prettiest of young women, drag big old bags aboard, smile sweetly till somebody comes to the rescue and hefts the bag overhead.  Mothers of cranky babies, dragging half a nursery, never wait long.  Chivalry is not dead especially if your kid screams his head off.  Meanwhile, old ladies from the slow lane, dragging nothing but themselves, stand fuming while obese baggage is crammed and pounded into submisssion.


I may be wrong, but I just don't see robust folks hoisting and stuffing barrel-sized backpacks overhead as a good thing.  It's true, these people usually help other passengers.   But hey, the plane ain't gonna take off till all baggage is stuffed and all passengers strapped down.


I'm gonna suggest the airlines post this little ditty above the pre-boarding measure-box, that incidentally, has been there foreverIf it don't fit, you must remit, or you don't sit!    

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