A Dark and Windy Night.......

A dark and windy night, February 22, 2014, at the precise moment the moon entered her 4th quarter, a building on the town square collapsed.   Not just any old building, but  one kitty-corner from the handsome statue of Robert E. Lee.   Hat in hand, Uncle Bobbie has stared at that building for at least seventy or eighty years.  Tumbling hundred-year-old brick most likely shook his very foundation, but no matter.  He stands gallant as ever.


Being of an inquisitive nature, I researched the date.  Anything significant happening besides George Washington's arrival on the planet?  [A young, penniless Robert E. Lee had the good fortune to marry an adopted granddaughter of none other than G. Washington, himself, but not on this date.  The wealthy, beautiful and spoiled Mary Custis came with lots of land and a nasty disposition.  The marriage was not made in heaven.]


Here's something:  On this date, 1862, Jefferson Davis was officially inaugurated for a six-year term as President of the CSA, in Richmond, VA.  We know Uncle Robert  supported the Confederacy, but did you know he said, "I must say that I am one of those dull creatures that cannot see the good of secession."  Just a wild guess, but I'm thinking most southerners never heard this.  During the Civil War, about 35% of Kentuckians fought for the Confederacy.  Since the end of the war, the percentage has steadily risen and is now holding at about 95%. 


Could it be General Lee had nothing to do with bringing down the house?  Lately, strange booms have been shaking houses in the area.  "Not to worry," say those in the know, probably Republicans"It's only an ice-quake."  What!  If freezing ground water causes such an uproar, who's to say it's not disturbing the dreaded New Madrid Fault on which the slow lane lies.


Or perhaps the building fell victim to new technology used to implode failing businesses.  You know, a cousin to arson.   Failing businesses burn pretty often in these parts.  Implosion is so much tidier and triggers no asthma. 


If Bobby Lee knows anything about the building's demise, he's not telling.  The official investigation continues.  Translation:  Nobody knows.








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