Mark your Calendar!

March is roaring down upon us.  Don't miss the chance to celebrate a couple of holidays both next Saturday, March 1.


National Pig Day.  Come on!  Pigs deserve a little respect.  A pig is not your basic cute, cuddly pet, but a pig is clever and intelligent, smarter than your basic dog.  Unfortunately, pigs smell bad and will eat most anything.  However, the same can be said for many dogs and many humans.


National Peanut Butter Day.  Pretty much self-explanatory.  After four hours, should using peanut butter internally or externally cause your eyes to swell shut, call your doctor.


Yeah, I'm kidding.  Most slow laners don't give a flip about Pig and Peanut Butter Days,  but they love Dairy Queen Opening Day, falling this year on March 1.  Closed during the winter, the local Dairy Queen is a page from the late 40's when it opened.  Same white, square-box building; same sign.  It's not a drive-thru; you can't sit inside.  One window where you place your order and wait, long line wound round the building.  Even  soft ice cream recipe is the same.  Shouldn't this Dairy Queen be on the National Register of Historic Places?


Don't scoff!  What simple thing, with no app, gives so much pleasure?  Come Saturday, I will pig-out on a peanut-butter sundae at the Dairy Queen.   

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