Presidents' Day

It's kind of odd, Presidents' Day.  The Presidential birthdays celebrated this day vary from state to state:  George Washington, who did wear wooden teeth, did not chop down the cherry tree, and most likely cheated on Martha; Abe Lincoln, founder of the Republican Party (It's rumored his gravesite trembles nonstop), teller of jokes, many unprintable.  We pretty much honor these two.  Some states honor native born Presidents. But here's four I'm pretty sure nobody gives a fig about.


1)  James Madison (3-16-1751).  Our shortest President was, unfortunately, quite ugly and dwarflike.  Never mind.  He was known as "The Father of the Consitution," and the glamorous Dolly, who towered above him, loved him. 


2)  Andrew Jackson (3-15-1767).  The wildest President.  Fought 100 duels.  Three balls of lead he toted might have helped along his reputation as a madman.  He didn't bathe often.


3)  John Tyler (3-19-1790).  The man had 15 kids and two wives.  Not at the same time, of course.  Mrs. Tyler, II, was five years younger than his eldest daughter which made for an unhappy extended family. 


4)  Grover Cleveland (3-18-1837).  Known as Uncle Jumbo, he was the second fattest president.  His daughter, Ruth, was born while he was  in office.  The candy bar, Baby Ruth, was named for her.


This Presidents' Day, think of Madison when the informed and misinformed shout about the Constitution.  Remember Old Hickory, the hero of New Orleans, crazier than a bedbug.  John Tyler, the poster boy for Planned Parenthood.  


In the slow lane, think I'll have a Baby Ruth bar Uncle Jumbo!  

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