In the Slow Lane

TODAY in the Slow Lane

How would Slow Lane Today would play.  I could scare up two hosts, one rather grumpy, neither photogenic.  But,  look closely.  The remains of beauty peek from the rubble.  As Rodin said, a beautiful building is still beautiful even in ruins.  He was talking about his sculpture, The Fishmonger's Wife, a skinny, ancient woman, saggy and bedragled.  Hey, this might be a spot.  You know, something for those who have given up on faking youth.  Fishmonger's Wife Club?


A woman who washed her hair not once in five years was mentioned on TodayWhat!  In the slow lane there's surely a man who hasn't bathed for five months.  And we have plenty of Duck Dynasty look-alikes in these parts.  Maybe a contest to find the best ones.  Give 'em a free trip to the junkyard and a Kentucky Wonder pin.


Today says statistics show that children who eat at the table are slimmer.  Does the opposite hold for the elderly?  We could recruit friends and other elderly volunteers to stand up at all meals for six weeks.  Could be messy, but what the heck?   


Weather wouldn't be much trouble.  Old bones are good predictors and there's always the window. 


We could feature eldery texters and nerds introducing fossils to the virtual world.  Have a course on Why-tube and Face Space.  I might be on to something!         


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