In the Slow Lane


BRIDGE FOR SALE!    Popular northeastern bridge in tolerable to fair  repair.  Multii-lanes.  Continual rumble of anything with wheels can be music to your ears as you sock away those tolls.  Think of the fun closing off a few lanes now and then.  But it goes beyond fun.  It may actuallly be in your power to create the most gigantic bridge clog known to mankind!  This might provide further revenue, extra fees offered by frustrated capitalists to get the wheels of industry moving again.  Think of it!  E-mail me for details.  Please, only those with a genuine interest and genuine bucks.


FLASH DRIVE FOR SALE!  The clever terrorist toy can be yours.  Not into bringing down jetliners?  How about spying or your spouse or significant other? This palm device is easily attached with duct tape in nooks and crannies.  Think ofthe hell you could raise in that parked car!  The good thing is this device scares the bejeesus out of nobody.  Don't e-mail me.  Just google the internet.


3D PRINTER FOR SALE!  For a couple of thousand bucks or so, you can make a platic-almost- anything right in your own garage or basement.  Workable plastic firearms are among the favorite apps.  It's rumored the NRA frowns on plastic firearms, so caution is advised.  Still a savvy entrepreneur might create a tidy little enterprise.  Google a pattern.  Everybody will think you're into avante guard jewelry. 






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