In the Slow Lane

January Jollies!

Well, hey, hey, hey!  It's a new year just waiting!  Waiting for politicos to grow up.  (Don't hold your breath!)  Waiting for that government website to kick in.  (Dare we hope?)    Nope, no crying about milk everyone spilled or is getting ready to spill.  We're talking  January hoidays just waiting. 


For instance:  Today marks the day in 1878 when the first female telelphone operator was hired, Miss Emma Nutt.  Claimed to be grateful her name wasn't Imma.  Close enough, seems to me.  Why not seize the moment to tell your kid about clunky phones that don't fit in pockets, explain telephone operators.  You might watch the 1981 Sissy Spacek movie, Raggedy Man.


January 3 - Festival of Sleep Day.  Where or with whom is optional, but the office is out.  January 10 - Peculiar People Day.  This could be tricky.  How do you tell your best friend you're taking her to lunch because she wears socks with sandals?  Who among us will invite friends to a party celebrating one's own peculair habit(s)?  Do you really want your friends to know how you pick your nose while driving?  Still, with common sense, it could be fun, if slightly kinko.


January 14 - Dress Up Your Dog Day.  Hmmm....  This celebration could qualify your friends for Peculiar People Day next year.  January 24 - Beer Can Appreciation Day. Take note all you Bud drinkers.  First can of beer, 1934.  (Ha!  The beer can is older than me!)   Being a self-confessed beer snob,  I know "on tap" is best.  Bottles are good, but dangerous at sports events.  The can does have advantages.  No teeth are broken pulling the tab.  It compacts nicely.  Kids and/or the poor can make a few pennies from the stray can.  The can is easy to see along the slow lane where quite a few of them land. 


Last, but not least, January 31 - Chinese New Year (to be continued.)  I know you can't wait!  







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