In the Slow Lane

Cold Moon Rising!

December full moon!  Some folks call it the Cold Moon;  others, the Long Nights Moon.   Moonrise last night was a huge wheel of richest cheddar.  More dramtic than any Harvest Moon ever seen by me.  Halloween art is made of such a moon.  Driving a slow-lane country road, I stopped and gazed.  No traffic, you know.  Just me and the moon.  I was like a face-space junky in multi-hit rapture.


As I stared, I felt the fangs of Christmas anxiety shrinking into storage. (Wish these snags would shrink away forever!  Alas, they just don't behave like regular fangs.)  Though I was worn to a frazzle, the Cold Moon quickly soothed my overheated psyche.  A lovely moment of solitude and I was over the hump.  


Professional in-depth snooping into corners of my mind might pinpoint the source of this anxiety.   But why bother?  Every year it cures itself by an unexpected letter, a random act of kindness.........or a Cold Moon rising.



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