In the Slow Lane

The Joy of Receiving

Christmas crept into my life a few days ago on the wheels of Fed Ex.  Actually it came down the slow lane fairly fast, gotta make those deadlines you know.  An open-now package spilled quilted red and green place mats onto the table and an matching apron for the curmudgeonly cook.   These colors lit the Christmas flame in the house as well as melting my crabby heart.  


 Christmas gifts and donations began flowing from my checkbook.  This crass, unimaginative, and lazy form of giving is indirectly sanctified by scripture.  Don't you think Joseph and Mary pawned or sold those pricey gifts from the kings?  They were poor, after all, and these gifts surely translated into shekels or whatever coin of the realm.  This eases my mind about money gifts. 


Once past the Christmas grump and money-gift guilt, my mind allowed sweet memories to surface.  I remembered the friend who fought the wolf from the door every day of her life.  Not to worry.  All year, Liz crafted elegant, inexpensive, little gifts for everyone.  That was her entertainment and she thrived on it.


Not a church member, Liz did belong to the Christmas Club.  It's hard to believe, but at one time, people actually saved for Christmas!  Come December, this money bought spirits and gourmet cooking ingredients and Liz cooked....... for days.  The result, a tiny house packed with everyone she knew, and then some.  Tables piled hgh with never-ending culinary delights.  Standing room only, and you left the shindig with a plate of goodies and a pleasant buzz!    Liz cleaned up and started planning next year's party.


We've been led to believe it better to give than to receive.  Actually, some poor wretches  must receive first to kick-start the joy of giving.  Am I one of those?  Probably, I'm very good at receiving.  But, hey, maybe it's like the chicken or the egg.                              

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