In the Slow Lane

Model-T Ford in a Rolls Royce World

The good old days?  Hmmm.......maybe.  Nostalgia, you know, tends to smooth and sweeten memories.   Old folks through the centuries have often found themselves baffled and befuddled by modern times.   


Although I consider myself a non-fogie, the truth of the matter is, I am a border-line anachronism.  In this ever-increasing world of high-tech, low-tech, I am nearly no-tech.  Here in the slow lane, I'm a Model T Ford in a Rolls Royce world.  Not complaining, understand, just stating a fact.


My thoughts about this lead me to theorize that whole-sale evolution may be blooming before our very eyes.  Could it be the brain, reacting to technological stimuli, re-wires itself even as I write?  Has evolution of the species speeded to point that we can see it happening?  Now, that's an amazing thought! 


A hundred years down the line when I am angel, a nothing, or a lovely dolphin, will the human condition, as we know it, be recognizable?  Will elderly nerds be as baffled as I am today?  Baffled by what?      



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