In the Slow Lane

Mad as Hell!

Shoot our mouths off, shoot from the hip, shoot the moon.  We Americans just love shooting.  Why, we even shoot fish in a barrel.  Shoot it to me if you want something in a hurry.  Gunshots rattling the woods this morning are perfectly legal.  No gang wars in the slow lane.  Never heard anything official, but I'm pretty sure hunting is in the genes of Kentucky.


Hunting, I don't like it, but hey, fill your freezer with venison.  Pose with a dead animal head in your lap.  Buy your kid a $500 hunting outfit.  (Yep, saw in on TV.  Maybe that includes the rifle?)  Anyhow, do your thing.  But any ninny knows you can't hunt with multi-magazine automatic weapons.  Your meat would be unfreezable, inedible.  Battlefield weapons designed for the killing fields just don't cut it.  Actually, they pieces. 


Oh, sllly me!  I'm forgetting the right of every disgruntled, mentally ill, person, (often teens or young twenties) to bear arms.  No satisfaction on Face Book?  Time for a more dramatic "post."  How about a theater full of people, maybe a school full of innocent kids, your classmates, the postman, the pizza guy, the bus driver, airport security? 


This Ammerican scenario is the legacy of gun cultue run amok, a follow-up to our legendary gun-tottin' forefathers and wild west mythology.  All, I have to admit, skillfully exploited in the name of capitalism by the NRA. 


We place gifts at killing sites, we light candles, we weep, we hold silent moments to remember.  We badger our legislators,  All for nothing.  The wishes of we the people are ignored in favor of they with the money.  Voting almosts seems beside the point.  I don't know about you, but I see it as pretty damn scarry when  government is hijacked by money and faux values pulled from an outdated constitution by extremists. 


Yep, I'm mad as hell!   I wish the shout, We're not gonna take it any more!  could make a difference.  But is anybody listening?





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