In the Slow Lane

Sigmund Freud, Whacko?

Sigmund Freud.  Father of psycho-analysis, and from some accounts, a little psychotic himself.  Studied a bit about him, but only three things I remember:


1)  The Id is inborn human wickedness that comprises the center of our being   Not to worry. The Ego circles round the Id keeping it in check preventing us, most of the time, from committing murderous and rapacious acts.  Hmmm.....maybe.


2)  Sexual frustration is the root of creativity.  Huh! I don't think so.  However, this may be a point where  creationists and science converge.  I men, God envisioned as a great creater living in a sexless heaven.......voila!  Talk about creativity!  Still within my circle of humans I sense no connection between making whoopie and  lack of creativity.


3)  The female of the species is inherently envious of masculine genitalia.  Where did he get this stuff?  Perhaps Herr Freud confused female resentment of a male-dominanted world with envy of the male apparatus?  Men think like that.


Anyhow, I,myself, have never ascribed to this apparatus-envy theory.  That is not until recently.  What changed my mind?  It was weather related, you see.  My tolerance for cold toilet seats has decreased in direct ratio to my age.  When circumstances such as a building without heat on a cold morning, come into play......I admit to quite a bit of Freud's envy.


There's more I could write about old Sigmund being whacko and whacking.....but this is the slow lane.  I must draw the line.       

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