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Bullying.  Organizations, schools, mental health folks across the nation are concerned with -bullying.  A good movement, but what a task to stamp it out!  Kids, unfortunately, just naturally bully and ridicule one another.  I, myself, was bullied, and in turn bullied others, mainly my siblings.   But in the olden days, a victim's ridicule was strictly local, happened within a  smaller circle.  No wholesale posts for all the world to see..... and then some.


The ease with which bullying can be accomplised via technology is astounding.  Where does responsibility rest?  On parents, schools?  Parenting these days has to be exceedingly difficult.  I mean, both parents usually work, kids are techno-savvy, have the ability to bully literally at fingertips 24-7.  What's a mother to do?  Frankly, I don't know.


More disturnbing, the evidence of adult bullying.  Ask any teacher what happens all too often when a kid is reprimanded or receives a mediocre grade.  Yep, enter the bullying, hell-raising parent.  (Role Model #1)


What happens when a kid gets in trouble?  Oh, not my kid.  Parental denial, a subltle form of bullying.  Role Model #2:  Lie for your kid's bad behavior!


Argue with your kid's coach, yell at your kid and other parents.  Roles Model #3:  The hell with sportsman ship.


What about TV?  We live in an age where opinionated screaming, lying, rudeness, riducule is standard fare passing itself off as news.  How scarry is this?  Strikes me as full-blown out-and-out of bullying.  Role Model #4:  Admire adult bullying.


Answers?  Alas, I have none.  How to stem the tide I do not know. Having worked with troubled kids I know they can be turned around.  Unless, of course, they return to the same dysfunctional environment.



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